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Drama plays an important role in the development of students, specifically by improving confidence and encouraging creative expression and exploration.

From Kindergarten to Year 8 there is the opportunity to develop performance skills through class run assemblies and involvement in the whole School Musical every second year. This year the Musical was ‘Alice: Through the Looking Glass’, in 2014 the production was "The Wizard of Oz" and in 2012 it was ‘Peter Pan’. Peter Pan was a very successful production with three nominations in the Canberra Area Theatre Awards for ‘Best Youth Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical,’ ‘Best Youth Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical’ and ‘Best Production of a School or Youth Musical,’ which we were very proud of.

In the Senior School, Drama is offered as an elective in Years 9 and 10. At this level, the focus is on the development of performance skills through a range of different styles including; Clowning, Miming, Ancient Greek Theatre and Puppetry. The class also assists in the School Musical through set and costumes design, marketing and as part of the backstage team

Drama is also offered in a senior capacity for Years 11 and 12. Conceptual understanding and critical thinking is developed through analysing the purpose and style of many forms of theatre. This allows for a broad understanding of the nature of theatre. Students study historical forms of acting such as Elizabethan, Commedia dell’arte, French Restoration Theatre, Epic Theatre and Realism. Students also enjoy spending a semester studying comedy, where they create a humorous class production. There are also opportunities to enjoy live performance, as we often visit Canberra Theatre for professional productions such as Bell Shakespeare and enjoy Poetry in Action, Circus Warehouse and others in workshops at the College.


Our Mission Statement:

We are created in the image of an incredibly creative, beautiful and powerful God. Through comprehensive music education we seek to inspire, motivate and foster within each child a deep love of music and of their Creator.

All students in Years K-8 take part in classroom Music lessons where they explore and develop understanding of the basic elements of music (including duration, pitch, tone colour, structure and dynamics) through creating, making and presenting. Classroom Music heavily emphasises practical work, ensemble composition and performance.

Each year has a particular musical focus. Year 2 students learn how to play the recorder. In Year 3, students participate in String Starters where every student learns the violin or cello. Students then have the option of continuing with their string instrument in Year 4 with regular private one-on-one or group lessons. In Year 5 all students are in NOVA Band where they receive lessons on a concert band instrument. As part of the Band and String programs all students receive an instrument on loan for the year(?), participate in small tutorial groups and whole ensemble rehearsals. Year 6 students have Choir as a focus and Year 7 students learn to play the guitar.

Music is offered as an elective for Years 9 and 10 and is available as an A or T course in Years 11 and 12. Here students gain a much deeper level of understanding of the elements of music, compositional and performance technique, and historical and cultural contexts of music.

Co-Curricular Music

Co-Curricular Music activities are available to all students at the College to further develop skills in performance and musicianship.  With many performance opportunities throughout the year such as the Fete, Floriade and the Australian National Eisteddfod, students are regularly serving the local community with musical performances. 

The College currently offers the following Co-Curricular Music activities:

  • Junior School Choir - contact: Miss Mitchell
  • Middle School Choir - contact: Mrs White
  • Middle School Worship Group - contact: Mrs Roberts
  • Senior School Worship Group - contact: Mrs White
  • String Ensemble - contact: Mrs Lovett
  • Intermediate Concert Band - contact: Mrs White
  • Senior Band - contact: Mrs White


At the College we have a number of tutors who offer private lessons on a wide range of instruments.  We currently have experienced tutors who can provide tuition for voice, piano, guitar, violin, cello, trumpet and low brass, flute, clarinet, saxophone and percussion.  Lessons are a private arrangement between the parent and tutor and lessons are scheduled during school time on a rotating timetable.

Prospectus Music Tutors



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