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Year 11 and 12 Subjects Studied 

Prospectus BCC Essential Guide to Year 11-12

Courses in English                        

              Literature (T)    

              English (T)         

              Essential English (A)                     

Course in Languages                                                

Continuing Chinese (T)  

Courses in Mathematics                                         

Essential Mathematics (A)                        

Mathematical Applications (T)                 

Mathematical Methods (T)                       

Specialist Methods (T)                 

Courses in Science

                Biology (T and A)

                Chemistry (T)

                Physics (T)

Courses in Religious Studies

              Religious Studies (T and A)

Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences

              Business (T and A)

              Global Studies (T and A)

              Legal Studies (T and A)

              Modern History (T and A)

              Senior History (T and A)

              Psychology (T and A)

Courses in Health, Outdoor and Physical Education

              Exercise Science (T and A)

              Outdoor and Environmental Education (T and A)

Courses in Creative and Performing Arts

              Drama (T and A)

              Music (T and A)

              Visual Arts (T and A)

Courses in Technology

              Networking and Security (T and A)

              Robotics and Mechatronics (T and A)


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