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Why Choose BCC?

What is Christian Education?

An Education that has at its heart to follow the teachings of Christ, encourages all community members, children, young people, staff and parents/carer givers to engage fearlessly with the Truth, responsibly with Creation and compassionately with our neighbours. 

A purposeful life using the gifts and skills that God has given is a life journey that Educators who have a faith Christ Jesus have a unique privilege to model and to have modelled in Christian Community.  It is the development of a heart that seeks to worship and follow Jesus allowing knowledge, feelings and actions to be moulded by God.  Understanding who we are and why we exist are fundamental questions each of us asks. We believe that the answers to these questions are found in the Bible. 

Staff at Brindabella are Christians who teach, model and train children.  An essential feature of the College is an understanding that staff meet together regularly to worship, pray and encourage one another towards living a life that honours Christ. As parents raise their children and are responsible to ensure each and every child reaches their potential and learns to use their abilities in service of our community, the Christian College seeks to work in partnership with this cause.

Our Educational stance is to offer an integrated, flexible and community based learning environment that will provide an opportunity for the young people at the College to become effective Christian citizens in the global context. Technology and the use of this powerful tool are fundamental to the learning model at BCC. We believe that Christian values and wise boundaries offer the best framework to maximise student engagement and learning with digital technology. A Bring Your Own Device platform (BYOD) is part of the curriculum from Years 5-12, with students required to bring a laptop or tablet device to the College as part of their lessons.  K-4 students enjoy saturation with iPads and Notebooks in their classrooms. 

The College welcomes and supports children and their parents who are members of any Christian church, as well as children of families desiring a Christian education but who have no church background or another faith background. Brindabella Christian College is a community, connected with families, local churches and the community.  We aim to grow as students, staff and families in wisdom, integrity, service and excellence.

The College expresses its faithfulness to families through a commitment:

  • to provide a strong, biblically informed Christian education that is relevant, innovative and honest
  • to know students well, to teach them well and to love them well
  • to teach and to learn in a strongly individualised setting that focuses also on community
  • to assess in the spirit of ‘assidere’, or sitting beside


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