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Careers Education has become a vital component of a comprehensive education for young people. Career education aims to increase students; awareness, understanding and confidence in planning for a positive future that includes further study and employment. Students from Years 9-12 are offered an opportunity to learn about themselves, the world of work and how they can develop a career pathway that suits their abilities, personalities and aspirations.

The curriculum caters for careers classes to enhance each student’s knowledge and therefore opportunity for success. Included in this program is a comprehensive work experience program that facilitates personal growth for each student and offers them the chance to explore prospective career pathways. To help Year 10 students practically apply the information that they receive during their careers education lessons all students are required to participate in a week’s work experience at the end of semester 1. The students are required to research and arrange their own placement to ensure they are offered an opportunity to learn about job search techniques and making contact with prospective employers.


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